It Gets Bigger It Gets Better

Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it!, was a war cry that captured the imagination of the entire nation. And while we got the Swaraj (independence), due to the sacrifice of our forefathers, transforming it into Surajya (prosperity), is our collective responsibility. We have worked hard to take forward this belief and legacy of Lokmanya Tilak. And it is this commitment to his vision, that gave birth to Lokmanya Society.

When Lokmanya Society was founded, the aim was not to become an organisation that focuses on profit and loss. The idea was to live up to our social responsibility, revive the cultural prosperity and empower the educational opportunities, to give back something meaningful to the society. And to earn the trust of the people, we nurtured our commitment to our values. At the same time, the organisation’s foundation has been built on four pillars of Security, Transparency, Trust and Professionalism, which we consider to be our guiding light.

These values have been imbibed in Shri. Kiran Thakur by his parents since his childhood. Lokmanya Society, under his leadership, has made it a part of its DNA, with everyone practicing these values, every day. And its benefits will reach out to every individual, who chooses Lokmanya.

Lokmanya Society has been driven by a single-minded value of its Founding Chairman- bringing people together and earning their trust. The Silver Jubilee milestone of the Society is actually a celebration of the trust placed by the people in the Society.