Karmbhoomi Belgaum

For many years, even before the establishment of Tarun Bharat, Belgaum had been the place to which the Thakur family had given its heart and sweat. It was in true sense, their ‘karmabhoomi’. The family had formed a strong connection with the people and roots of Belgaum through the freedom struggle, Sanyukta Maharashtra movement, Goa Liberation movement, the border dispute and social empowerment. Understanding the importance of working for the people, was a crucial part of Shri. Kiran Thakur’s upbringing.

While taking up socially meaningful and politically impactful work, a need for financial support was felt. In such a scenario, seeking donations from the big-hearted businessmen and the common people, always comes with its own set of limitations. Also, Belgaum wasn’t an industrially developed city back then, but the growth of western Maharashtra and Kolhapur was taking place in front of his eyes. The importance of cooperative movement had been well-established, and Shri Kiran Thakur got a chance to inaugurate many cooperative societies in the Belgaum region. These entities were given publicity through Tarun Bharat.

With this backdrop, Shri. Kiran Thakur and some volunteers got together for an idea of “Weekly Fund”. This was the first step towards forming the Society. Its shares were issued. And after a capital of 3 lakh rupees was accumulated, the permission to begin the Society was obtained.
The then MLA of Belgaum, Shri. Narayanrao Tarale, extended his support and the Society came in to being with an office at Tilakwadi – Belgaum. The city of Belgaum has a huge sense of respect for Lokmanya Tilak.

Inspired by him, his work and his ideals, the Society was named Lokmanya Society. Since then, the single-minded goal has been to work for the people, just like Lokmanya Tilak did. Today, as the Society completes its 25-year journey, there is a sense of satisfaction and pride for what it has achieved and the milestones it has created along the way.